I react to Dan Nobles  post  Social Currency: What If The Dollar Fails? : .

" The monetization problem introduces a threshold over which most great innovations simply cannot reach."
"to consider what people will use for trade if the currency becomes ineffective AND their productivity does not.   If the dollar does fail, people will attempt to meet their daily needs until a financial system is corrected".
"Matchmaking will become a financial instrument. People will use Facebook and Twitter, Linkedin and many others in new ways in order to keep the game in play."
Well actually not being able to trade at distance or even face to face because there is no cash is a very common situation for most humans that live in merely unbanked and not Web connected societies. 
Yet more nearly 4 Billions hold a phone and they know how tu use it since they speak their own language and read the numbers.
Based on that facts, my team and I develop a disruptive virtual currency internet server called PAYTAP.
Paytap is a fully dematerialized electronic money transaction and account management application server.
With its Paytap server a local authority (incumbent financial institution, Non Gov or business) will cost effectively set and run its functional social currency in a matter of days .
With a Paytap powered e-currency made available in his local society, any human who knows how to phone (about 4 billion out there) may purchase, exchange, pay and most important may get paid instantly and 100% securely face to face as well as at distance.
Paytap combines Internet back and front office and vocal services so that transaction is performed by a simple phone call in end user’s langage and instructions entered with the phone keyboard. So it works even when and where there is no Internet band or for people who do not write and read.
Of course the person that has a Web connection ( and knows how to text transact ) may tap into the services with the help of any web connected device. ( or with a POS electronic terminal if the currency issuer rolls appliances out at the merchants he sells services to) .
A Paytap based social currency implies no Cards, no Payment Terminal, no vouchers or printed notes, no ATM. It is fully independant from the mobile carrier, the device or the read and write knowledge of the person that subscribes and benefits of an e-wallet.
As soon as you register to a paytap based currency - which takes a simple phone call - you are instantly empowered with your e-wallet that house and stores your Account history, but also your Home Page, your buddies, your stuff ( your digital content) and your messages.
I believe you should look at Paytap : our application server concretises and demonstrates how social currencies with local and distant P2P exchanging value with concretise your vison of Conversational Currency.